Foley FX for Post Production


Rates & Services

Completing Your Post Budget

Every project is uniquely different and putting a price before discussing your project would not be recommended.

If you are in the middle of budgeting and need numbers we can give you a preliminary dollar amount?

Our day rates do include a spotting session, foley session editing, and delivery. Depending on the length and type of your project will determine how many days are potentially needed to complete the project?


Got Foley covers all of your specialty sound needs from the action westerns, cartoons, snow play, water movements with everything in between!

Our Rock Star team has been working together for 10 years creating movie magic!

Got Foley's Services to include:

  • Spotting & Cueing
  • Domestic Foley pass
  • International filled M&E
  • Festivals filled mixes
  • Foley Editing
  • Full Audio Post Production Services available
  • Live Performance Foley

For more information or pricing

Call 818-919-3429 or email